Global Rules

Hacked Clients

Allowed Clients:

 - Badlion (schematica disabled)

 - LabyMod

 - PvPLounge    

 - Forge - without illegal mods    

 - Lunar Client    

 - Cosmic Client    

Allowed mods:


 - Optifine

 - Better FPS

 - Memory Fix Mod


 - 1.7 Animations    

 - Block Overlay

 - Custom Crosshairs Mod    

 - Item Physic    

 - Motion Blur    

 - Time Changer    


 - Armor Status    

 - Particles Mod    

 - Status Effect hud


 - 5zig - Some features implemented are not allowed, such as macros.

 - Coordinates Mod

 - CPS Mod

 - Fps and Ping Display Mods

 - In-game Server Switcher

 - MouseDelay Fix

 - Player API

 - Replay Mod

 - Toggle Sprint/Sneak    

 - Waypoints

 - Breadcrumbs

Allowed with Conditions:

MiniMap - Allowed without showing players

Chat Macros - Chat macros that automate tasks such as answering questions or welcoming players are allowed. They are not allowed to be used to quickly answer chat scramblers.

Not allowed: (Just because a mod is not on this list does not mean it's allowed)


Auto Fishing/Auto Clicking/Macros

Using AFK macros is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, Auto Fisher, Auto Mining, Auto Sell (Any macro that can automate a task) 

External macros such as taping down your mouse or putting a weight on a button, are also classed as macros as they have the same effect. 

Chat macros that automate tasks such as answering questions or welcoming players are allowed.


Advertising other servers, through chat, private messages, books, mail and builds.


Intentional theft of another player's items. This includes joining other people's parties to take their items.

DDoS and Threats

We take the safety of our players very seriously and thus do not allow others to threaten each other with DDoS attacks or releasing their private information. This does not include jokes between friends, but does include frequent remarks such as "Your internet is about to lag" etc.

Doxing or Doxing Threats

Seeking, obtaining or using a player’s personal information for malicious purposes is strictly prohibited. This includes threats of swatting, doxing, or violence. Repeating or mentioning the personal information of another player or staff member without their explicit or implied permission is not allowed.

Death Threats

Death threats and other malicious attacks are not allowed. At Staff discretion, death wishes and suicide encouragement may also be punished.

Links to Shock/Porn

Any links which may lead to disturbing/pornographic sites are punishable with a 7 day temp ban for first offense. Links which may lead to ip loggers are punishable with a global ban. You can view if a link is safe or not with

Real World Trading

We do not allow trading of in-game items or services for real life currency or purchases from a third party or external source. In-game items may be traded for other in-game items or services if all other server rules (including boosting etc) are followed.

Inappropriate Usernames

Extremely inappropriate usernames are punishable with a ban until the username is changed. If it is a nickname, we will first give a warning before a ban. Nicknames must contain at least two characters.

Offensive/Inappropriate Skins

Offensive or inappropriate skins are punishable with a ban until the skin is changed. Players will generally be given a chance to change the skin prior to ban.


Scamming is not allowed on most servers within our Network, the exceptions are KitPvP and Factions. Scamming can include naming an item incorrectly and selling it in the auction house or via other trade methods. Such as naming a wood sword “Diamond Sword” to try and scam people. Another method would be offering to pay a certain amount for an item but when you receive the item the buyer doesn't pay the money and vice versa.

Abusing Auction House

Selling renamed items on auction to display advertisements such as warps, trades and services is not allowed.

Abusing Glitches/Bugs

The severity of the bug determines the length of your ban. Typically we reward players who report game-breaking bugs.

Mute/Ban Evasion

This is when a player uses an alternate account to bypass restrictions set on their main account. The alternate account, and players IP address will be muted/banned for the punishment length on the main account.

Trolling Events

Purposely trying to hurt, or troll events will result in a temporary ban.

Physical Trolling

Purposely trying to interfere with a players gameplay by getting in their way, hurting or trolling them will result in a temporary ban. For example preventing a player from building or using a fishing rod or grappling hook to knock them into a PvP arena.

Inappropriate Builds

Inappropriate Builds, such as swastikas, will be immediately cleared and may result in ban. This applies to all servers that allow building. (We’ll allow penises, but only on your own land)

Helpop and Report Abuse

Abusing /helpop or disrespecting staff is not allowed. Spamming, trolling and other misuse may result in ban. If you do not receive a reply to your request for assistance you may report the issue in the Server Support section of Community Discord.

Setting Homes/Warps

Except for Factions, setting a home or warp in another player's island or base without permission from the Island or Party Leader is not allowed.

Lag/Crash Builds

Builds that significantly lower the FPS of others causing extreme lag, cause a player to lag or lag the server are not allowed, will be cleared and may result in ban. If it is obvious that the laggy build was not intentional, then a ban will not be given, just a warning.


Excessive use of Capitalization over multiple messages is not allowed.

Custom Chat Fonts

Using custom fonts as a main font in public chat is not allowed and continued use will result in a mute.

Inappropriate Names/Nicknames/Item Names etc.

We do not allow user names with derogatory or offensive terms, hate speech or swear words. Users who do not change these when asked will be issued with a punishment.

Nickname Formatting

If the perk is won, bold and italic formatting in nicknames may be used, however underlined or magic formats may not as they can cause chat to be covered up or flicker.

Nicknames must also have a minimum of 2 characters.

Impersonating Staff and Players

Changing your nickname to pretend to be someone else or to bully, harass or attack someone else will result in punishment.


Spamming includes posting repeated messages to chat in quick succession, repeated nonsense like "odmowlskdjmliaskdmadakmsdo;l2" and excessive character drag such as hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Command spam, encouraging spam, repeatedly begging for items, repeatedly advertising events, coinflips, auctions , etc. and group spam will also result in punishment. Spamming commands like /helpop, /msg, /afk, /marry will result in a ban.

Inappropriate Chat

Players are not allowed to cause drama in chat. This includes, but is not limited to discussing inappropriate topics such as drugs, sexual activities, illegal activities, mental health [e.g. suicide or self-harm] and breaking server rules. Lengthy discussions of topics such as politics should be held outside of public chat.

Disrespect (Player or Staff)

Players can have disagreements and argue but they must do so in a respectful manner. Insulting, harassing, bullying, and abusive speech is not allowed. This includes attacking staff or publicly questioning their competence.

Concerns regarding staff can be expressed in a staff report. To get a staff report, open a ticket in Discord and ask for a staff report.


Tricking or misleading players to issue commands such as /ci or [Alt][F4] falls under Trolling and is punishable at staff discretion. Physical Trolling is also not allowed, see the Physical Trolling rule.

Interfering with Staffing

Players are not allowed to hackusate by calling out hackers in chat or to call out staff that are in vanish. Both of these activities interfere with catching cheaters.

Asking staff for items or permissions also interferes with their ability to do their job.

Joking or pretending to hack or cheat is also against the rules and may result in ban.

Flame Wars/Encouraging Flame Wars

If players make personal attacks on others rather than discussing the topic at hand, they are in a Flame War and risk punishment.

“Shock statements” and intentionally bringing up controversial topics just to start arguments, make people emotional or harass/attack other players may result in punishment at staff discretion.

Respectful discussions about politics and other contentious topics are allowed. Players and staff are entitled to their opinions. However, long, drawn out conversations should be moved out of public chat and into direct messages, group chats or onto other platforms.

Disrupting Chat

Disrupting chat with arguments for or against a specific staff decision, punishment or issue is not allowed. Punishments should not be argued in chat and will only be reviewed after an appeal is filed in discord. Staff will not accept your appeal in-game. Warnings for chat disruption are given at staff discretion.

Hate Speech

Abusive or threatening behavior against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation is not allowed. Unlike most chat violations, staff give no warnings for true Hate Speech and the punishments quickly escalate.

Note: Not all offensive, ill-informed, inflammatory statements or opinions are true Hate Speech and therefore may be warned or punished as disrespect, harassment, bullying, flame wars, etc.


Players are not allowed to initiate, fuel, spread or discuss drama. Malicious or abusive discussions about other players or staff are punishable.

Intentional harassment of another player will result in a mute and possibly ban


Extra Life uses American English as the official language. However, you are allowed to speak any language in private chats or dm’s.

Survival Rules

Overclaiming Land

Claiming over someone else’s builds who are not completely claimed is not allowed. Don’t be annoying.

Boosting Power

Alts are not allowed to be used to boost skills or power. If caught, an administrator will verify and ban all of the alt accounts.

TPA Killing

Tricking players or staff into teleporting to you, which ends up being a trap to kill them is unfair, and is not allowed.

Unclaimed Property

Bases, including chests, spawners and other items placed in wilderness are not considered protected. You must claim them to be protected. Help with claiming can be found in /help. If you do not claim your land,you are responsible for being griefed.


Gaining a player's trust to gain access to claimed land to grief it is strictly not allowed.